still here

luv u both!

sekian kalinya aku ingin mengatakan aku sayang kamu! semoga menjadi keluarga sakinah dan mawaddah senantiasa disamping ayah ummi abah mama dan adik beradik lain.. amin.

coxsakie virus!

yep, ini adalah virus kaki tangan dan mulut. virus ini menyerang kanak2 dan bayi. virus ini tidak mbawa maut tapi kanak2 yang terkena virus ni mmg suffer sbb tak boleh makan minum, dan badan rasa tak selesa asyik demam on off sahaja. and this is about Aqilah's story..infected by coxsakie :(

that friday (6 april 2012) i got text messages from baby sitter to inform that my daughter got fever. when i return call then she mentioned that she already give medicine and my daughter getting better. so I’m not really worry. We go back as usual and bring her home at 6.45pm. When i reach home aqilah looks sleepy.. oh i thought because of the medicine so i bring her to the room and let her sleep.

9pm - she still not awake then when i check her fever, it getting worst. ouch, we need to bring her to clinic. so we decided to go to Sri Gombak to see a Doctor. and Doctor said it is high fever.. more than 39 Celsius! Doctor decided to give medicine from her punggung and he was so confident that tomorrow my daughter will be okay.

7 april 2012 (Saturday)
6am - we are not have a enough sleep because my daughter cannot sleep at all. She crying without reason... maybe because 'tak sedap badan' that’s way she cries right? luckily we have thermometer at home, so me and husband check her fever.. Ya Allah! 39.5 celcius! mmg panas! we both don’t know what to do and decided to go to Attaf clinic, it is specialist clinic at TTDI recommended by baby sitter. unfortunately the clinic not operated that day! then we call baby sitter to get some advice. she advised to keep calm(that very important) and give aqilah medicine from Sri Gombak clinic and pantau her fever. so we stayed at home the whole day and keep checking her fever. it was turn up and down. so pity the end of the day, her fever still 38 celcius, only decrease 1 celcius :( we praise tomorrow will much better.. Lastly mommy, daddy and daughter fall asleep. We are tired.. aqilah more tired i think :(

8 april 2012 (sunday)
3am - I’m awake with aqilah's crying. When i check her head, ya Allah.. her fever more worst! i wake up my husband and ask to go to hospital selayang on that time..

4am - arrived at hospital selayang and after registered one of nurse roughly check on aqilah's condition. then she take aqilah medicine (i bring the medicine from clinic for hospital reference) and gave 6ml! Previously doctor from clinic only advice to give 2ml only. Then that nurse asks us to wait our turn to meet a real doctor.

4.30am - aqilah head become warm and she looks more stable. we meet a doctor and doctor only mentioned she got fever and ulser. after got the medicine we back home and aqilah continue sleeping.

10am - feed aqilah with her favorite porridge but she refuse. she not able to eat or drink! so sad when i can hear her stomach singing.. she was really hungry but can’t eat :( my husband curious with Hospital selayang, if she got mouth ulser, then where is the medicine? they only gave fever medicine, antibiotic and salt for energy. ya.. that make sense also. so we decided to go to her usual clinic - klinik kanak2 tan at rawang.

11.30am - we meet with doctor and we are very shock on what doctor said- she got coxsakie! is that danger? my husband ask. no it is not, but she quite suffer because cannot eat and drink. and doctor continue- give her medicine and she need to be quarantine at least 10 days. cannot mingle with other kids and avoid crowded place. Ya Allah... kuatkan hati ini... we are stuck. this time doctor gave ubat mulut (tuk kebaskan mulut supaya boleh makan), fever (not normal 1, yang ubat fever titik), antibody, 2 more ubat  which i forgot now..dush! i'm getting older. pelupa!

12.45pm - on the way back home we discuss who gonna take a long leave to take care of our daughter. Both of us cuti pon sikit... takkan nak amek cuti 1 week :S

my husband call father in laws at penang to ask some advice. and abah without no compromise want to come to our house to taking care of my daughter.. ya Allah..terharu nya.. really kesian with abah but he really want to help us. then because we know that kg selamat (my husband home town) is not really selamat with robber, it is better to send aqilah at my husband home town.. saya akur, tuk kesihatan aqilah.

6pm- call my ayah ummi at sabah to inform about aqilah.. and ask to praise for us for our journey balik kampung tonight. ayah and ummi was very afraid with aqilah condition, but afraid menyusahkan abah n mama also. but this is the only way.. and alhamdullilah abah n mama want to lend some effor to taking care my daugther. i done sms to my boss and colleague about my emergency leave on Monday and Tuesday.

10pm - we start the journey to penang. aqilah sleep at back sit with me. the medicine quite strong, it makes aqilah sleep all the way back to hometown.

9 april 2012 (Monday)
4am - safely arrived at kg selamat.. ahamdullilah. i feed her with bottle of milk..even though it's hurt but she feed little. she then continue sleep at grandpa’s home.

11 april 2012 (Wednesday)
we back to KL leave aqilah there. of course i'm really sad...but this is the best for her.. the day i leave her she can start eat and drink, and no more fever.. alhamdullilah.

10 days make us really sad. Without her no more laugh... ya, we still laugh... but it more merrier with aqilah;') and alhamdullilah 10 days there build her antibody back, she can eat, drink as usual.

21 april 2012 (friday)
3am - we safely arrived back home town and meet aqilah after 10 days! phew... really miss her!!! and she also seems missed us!hehehe... thank you ya Allah.. atas kurnian kesejahteraan ke atas kami..

it makes us husband and wife more matured with all these dugaan..and hope we can be more strong after this hubby;) but 1 important lesson.. not just trust to 1 doctor... seek others advice if you curious.. sbb naluri ibu bapa kuat thadap anak nya... wallahualam.

opps... i did it again -.-

ya. mmg sudah terbukti tuan punya blog mmg takder bakat tuk mempunyai blog. hahahaa.. dan lagi sekali tuan blog melupakan blog yg sudah kusam ini tanpa contengan. wiwo.. so sini kena balik ke tujuan asal knpa ingin ber blog?

1- oleh kerana penyakit lupa sudah semestinya mesti ada album kehidupan tuk mengingati2 hari2 sekarang so nanti masa depan boleh mengimbau balik sejarah lama.. ceh..

itu jer sebenarnya.. so dengan mission yg ada tu kena teruskan balik perjuangan.. nanti time kami husband and wife umo 60 buleh la balik buka story2 zaman dulu2.. hihihihi. okeh, chayok!

to my luvly husband and kids.. i dedicated tis blog for you... muahhx! =)

Kenanga Mall

This is a great place for the shopaholic~ hehe. The mall is just opened on end of 2011. Is is located near Penjara Lama Pudu and really easy to access cos got monorail station. If not mistaken it is Pudu Monorail.

The long dress that i bought via online is RM79 but here you can get it rm25 ONLY! (but you have to buy 6 of the item) walaa~~ 6? First i was so excited, and already pick 3 of the item.. Then i realize what? 6? how could i have 6 pairs of the same dress with different color? hahaha. gila. my husband pon kata i gila:D so, never mind.. I ask the sales girl, how is the price for retailer? rm70. cehhhh... sama jer ngan harga online:(

quite convenience bawa stroller sbb tmpt dia tk crowded.

But it's really suitable if you want to buy wholesale. Sbb murah banyak kalo beli borong! at the end kami banyak beli baju aqilah... sweater, romper, jumper, dress, kasut.. tgk la dia, smpai2 rumah trus ayah dia kasi test baju:)

kat blakang tu sume baju dia:)

so sape2 yang mmg suka shopping borong jgn lepas kan peluang pg sini yer! (tlg promot walaupon tkder commision:p )

Festival City

It is actually opened last year and guess why we want to be there? Is is because of Kaison! hehehe.. Kaison is actually from Sabah. They only sell the unique items that cannot get at other shop. Last time i visit Kaison at my village-Putatan Sabah, unfortunately i cannot buy anything cos of limited luggage. So sad.. and my husband promise to bring me to Kaison KL.Hooray!! hahaha. i bought a lot of flower, vase and wall clock=D and it's make me happy!

see... sangat cantik!!

so rambang mata, lastly i ask my husband to pick a flower to put on our console table ;)

my home sweet home =)

really like this wall clock, for the first week i failed to read this clock! hahahaha

I will definitely attack Kaison again for this raya season! promise! hahahaha(gelak jahat) ;)

escape - awesome February!

cuti cuti cuti..... mungkin org len dah tahu sume cuti ni tp aku baru perasan dengan limpahan cuti pada awal tahun ni..mmg awesome! start dari january - february rasanya banyak gila cuti. sampaikan cuti hari wilayah semalam adalah cuti paling kelakar. kenapa?

pkol 9 pagi kami sekeluarga sudah bersiap dan siapkan barang2 aqilah yang nak dihantar ke baby sitter. kita nak pg mana? aku bertanya pada suami. tak tahu lah, kita hantar aqilah dulu baru nati plan. sesudah hantar aqilah ke baby sitter kami pon menuju ke arah KL dengan seribu satu pertanyaan-masih tak tahu ke mana nak di tuju!

aku ni pantang kalo cuti mmg asyek nak shopping. tak shopping pon just window shopping:p so aku pon usul kan lah nak pg Viva Home Center nak cari barang perabot rumah. No shopping! my husband decline. Hari ni tak mo pkir shopping, kita just enjoy jer. aku pon- erk..? then my husband suggested- ok kita pg tgk wayang, bowling, karoke..amacam? pergh.... seyes, itu first time dia ajak pg tmpt2 mcm tu selepas melahirkan baby..hihihi. sbb selalunya kitorang just tgk wayang kat rumah, kat rumah lg selesa kot:p and of course i like his idea! why not kan? tukar2 angin.. Hahaha!

ready for bowling?

wee... mula2 aku leading, at the end drop plak:p

horay! saya menang! hehe...

lps tu pg tengok wayang. cerita sumpahan Kum Kum. tak best cerita tu, kalau tau tk best download jer.. tk payah tgk wayang. igt nak feel takut2 sket, tp tak menjadi la plak..

we escape for 7 hours! then tak sabar nak balik rindu kat budak kecik tu! sampai2 kat rumah baby sitter, Aqilah nampak ibu dia then trus dia sua tangan nak minta dukung n lepas dukung tiba2 dia kiss pipi ibu! wuahT.T terharu! sayang lah kat dia nih!! muah2!